Monday, September 28, 2015

Doll Journal Swap!

Hello everyone! I've been enjoying watching drawing videos by Ady Almanza. Lately I have been working on drawing, colouring and painting my own big eyed dolls. It's lots of fun to create artwork from scratch! Recently I participated in a round robin journal swap where a group of artists sent journals around the world and we each drew and coloured a big eyed doll for each participant. Here are the dolls I drew;


Butterfly Princess:

Angel Fairy:


 Rain Fairy:

Flower Princess:

 I have a lot to improve on with my drawings but i'm having lots of fun practising.
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

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  1. So happy to be the recipient of one of those journals! I had a lot of fun and I'm so glad we're doing it again! Your girls are awesome!